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Address: José María Rotea #3442, Col. Huertas de La Progreso.
Mexicali BC., MEX C.P. 21190 Phone:+52 686 555-9156

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We offer flexible solutions anytime, anywhere¹ :





Kit Assembly

Sorting parts



     Through PAIMEX your company can: Reduce energy, water and gas expenses.Quickly reduce HR expenses, since it decreases recruitment, selection, payroll expenses, etc. Save on insurance and other benefits. – Avoid import and export expenses on material and products.

       PAIMEX detects, prevents, and eliminates the excessive use of resources. Your company will achieve greater results than now.

¹ Disclaimer, not all the processes are certified and in the scope of specific certification, need to contact Customer Service to validate specific Certification, Compliance and Scope.

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