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Address: Huertas de La Progreso, 21190 Mexicali, B.C.
Phone:+52 (686) 555-9156

About us

       PAIMEX since 2002, we have been offering  service in metal coatings and chem film.

       We are in Mexicali Baja California, located IN THE NORTHWEST MEXICO, bordering with California (imperial Valley County), and Arizona (yuma County) in the US. We are at 1.5 hour from San Diego California and 4.5 hours from Los Angeles. Our success has been the commitment we have with our customers, to deliver high quality always with a great attention because we have a team of enterprising people, skilled and professional.

Some of the types of anodize we handle are:

• Anodize Type I MIL -A-8625

• Anodize Type II MIL -A-8625

• Anodize Type III MIL -A-8625

• Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys             MIL-C-5541.

• Passivation Treatments AMS-QQ-P-35A

• Chemical Cleaning

• Chemical Etch

• Acid Dipping

• Non-Destructive Testing ASTM E 1417

• Powder Coat

• Top Coat

• Sand Blast

• Masking 


nosotros_image_two   Being recognized as a leader within the industry of metal finishing services, providing accurate solutions for our clients, committed to quality, environmentally friendly, highlighting always act with honesty and integrity.


   Providing services to different industrial sectors, focusing on meeting the needs of our customers and maintain satisfied their needs, being flexible and adaptable to the economic environment have a high competitive spirit that allows us to seek to improve our processes and services.


• Satisfy our customers.

• Maintain business relationships based on honesty, integrity and professionalism.

• Provide added value to our services to exceed customer expectations.

• Be consistent in our actions.

• Accountability and trust.


  Position as the leader in metal finishing sector in Baja California as the number one choice, recognized by the industry as a provider that meets quality standards and certifications.

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