Platinados Acabados Industriales de México English / Español

Address: José María Rotea #3442, Col. Huertas de La Progreso.
Mexicali BC., MEX C.P. 21190 Phone:+52 686 555-9156


More Finishes and Services¹:

• Anodize Type I MIL -A-8625 (Nadcap AC7108).

• Anodize Type II MIL -A-8625 ( Nadcap AC7108).

• Anodize Type III MIL -A-8625 (Nadcap AC7108).

• Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys            MIL-C-5541 (Nadcap AC7108).

• Passivation Treatments AMS-QQ-P-35A & AMS2700 (Nadcap AC7108).

• Chemical Cleaning (Nadcap AC7108).

• Chemical Etch (Nadcap AC7108).

• Acid Pickling (Nadcap AC7108).

•  Non-Destructive Testing ASTM E 1417

•  Sand Blast

• Powder Coat

• Top Coat

• Masking 

¹ Disclaimer, not all the processes are certified and in the scope of specific certification, need to contact Customer Service to validate specific Certification, Compliance and Scope.
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